Wellness and Spa in the Belvenu Boutiquehotel in Glorenza

In 2017 we opened Belvenu Boutiquehotel in Glorenza. In the former monastery we offer our guests a steam sauna, a finnish sauna and a rooftop whirlpool with view over the roofs of the city of Glorenza. The access to the new sauna & relax area is included in your room rate.

Relax in our Sky Lounge above the rooftops of Glurns. Escape from everyday life, and restore your inner calm. Subdued lighting, harmonious sounds and soothing fragrances will ensure your relaxation. Bath in the luxury of our covered, heated whirlpool high above the rooftops of Glurns. Day-dream as the sun sets, nestled in this breath-taking Alpine panorama.

Our steam bath is characterised by its moist heat, 100% air humidity and a pleasant temperature of approx. 45-50°C – ideal conditions for physical renewal. Some time in our steam bath is perfect for relieving tense nerves and muscles, rheumatic illnesses, colds, and much more. Some visitors feel that a session in our steam bath is more pleasant than a Finnish sauna.

Switching between hot air baths and cooling in the open air and/or cold water showers is proven to have a positive impact on health. This promotes circulation in the skin and mucous membranes, gently exercises the cardio-vascular system, lowers blood pressure, and boosts the body’s defences. And a trip to the sauna also has aesthetic benefits: The skin cleansing and cell renewal stimulated by the switch from hot to cold leaves you radiant! Its relaxing effect on your spirit and musculature also benefits your inner beauty.