Steam sauna

Relaxation for your body and mind

Steam bath

Our steam bath is characterised by its moist heat, 100% air humidity and a pleasant temperature of approx. 45-50°C – ideal conditions for physical renewal.

Some time in our steam bath is perfect for relieving tense nerves and muscles, rheumatic illnesses, colds, and much more. Some visitors feel that a session in our steam bath is more pleasant than a Finnish sauna.

Finnish sauna

The soothing original from the Far North

Finnish sauna

Switching between hot air baths and cooling in the open air and/or cold water showers is proven to have a positive impact on health. This promotes circulation in the skin and mucous membranes, gently exercises the cardio-vascular system, lowers blood pressure, and boosts the body’s defences.

And a trip to the sauna also has aesthetic benefits: The skin cleansing and cell renewal stimulated by the switch from hot to cold leaves you radiant! Its relaxing effect on your spirit and musculature also benefits your inner beauty.

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